Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


For most people buying a house is the single biggest financial commitment they will make.
We at Complete Financial Centre understand that buying a house is a huge undertaking and that your mortgage needs to be right for you. The financial industry is confusing as it is and whether you are purchasing your first house, moving home or buying a second house, no one wants the added stress of trying to understand a complicated mortgage process.
That’s why we do our best to ensure that you understand everything and make the whole process as easy as possible for you.
We have our own experienced and qualified mortgage advisor who will help you choose the right product for you out of all those available. There are so many different types of mortgages – some of the most popular options are listed below – it is important to ensure that you get the one best suited to your needs.
– Repayment mortgages
– Interest only mortgages
– Offset or flexible mortgages
– Fixed interest mortgages
– Shared ownership mortgages
– Help to buy schemes
With our in-depth knowledge of the market and the various products available we can ensure that all the information you are given is up to date.
You need to make sure that, regarding the mortgage, your advisor can help you answer these questions;
– How much will it cost?
– Can you afford it?
– How much deposit will you need?
– What type of mortgage would best suit your needs?
– Will you be able to get a mortgage?
These are questions that you need answers to before you can start the decision-making process. Your advisor should also be able to help you with any other queries you have. We take pride in offering a personal service that considers your individual circumstances and are willing to support you throughout the entire process.
Our customers remain at the heart of everything we do, especially at every stage of the advice process.
Your financial situation is unique so we work hard to understand your needs and aspirations and make our financial recommendations based upon that knowledge.
We believe our role to be:
– To ensure that you do not waste money unnecessarily by paying a higher monthly amount than you need to.
– Save you time and effort by recommending the most beneficial solution.
– Ensure your loan is arranged in the most cost-effective way.
– To help clarify technical terms and jargon to the best of our ability and understanding.
While we will always do our utmost to make this process as easy as possible– please be aware that certain factors outside our control can delay the process. (e.g. Property not valuing at the level expected, further proof of income required by lender.)
When you are buying a property:
– Find a mortgage adviser to understand your needs and requirements and who will assess all the relevant information.
– Mortgage recommended
– Decision In Principle applied for – lenders do borrowing checks, credit searches (amount, affordability, etc.)
– Application submitted and necessary underwriting carried out, including valuation of property.
– Offer issued.
(More information may be required.)
The next step would be the legal side, including the exchange of legal contract.
Then, finally; you get the keys to your new home!
Throughout this process, we’ll do our best to keep everything simple and straightforward. We ensure you deal with the same people and know that you can come to us with any queries or concerns.
Our mortgage advisor has over twenty years’ experience and will support you throughout. We keep our clients updated regularly in whichever format they require, (telephone, email, text or post – or indeed all if required.)
If you would like to know any more about this please read our jargon buster or if you wish for any advice, please contact us; details at the bottom of the page.

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