An Interview with Sophie

What is it like working at Complete Financial Centre?

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. I’m 25 – 26 next month. I’m engaged and I have a little boy who will be 2 this month.


Q. When did you start working at Complete Financial Centre?

A. October 2016


Q. What is your job at Complete Financial Centre?

A. I’m a mortgage and protection administrator


Q. What does your job entail?

A. A lot! My job is to look after mortgage and protection applications once they’ve been submitted so I liaise with the lenders, solicitors and estate agents until the mortgage completes. My priority is to make sure the customers mortgage completes as quickly and as smoothly as possible and to make sure the customer is updated along their journey.


Q. When do you work?

A. I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at our office in Little Melton. I also do some overtime from home.


Q. Have you done this kind of job before?

A. Yes I previously worked for a mortgage broker in the city for a year and a half


Q. What is your favourite part of your job here?

A. The team and the customers


Q. How many different people do you think you speak with in a day?

A. At least 25 different customers a day


Q. Tea’s up – what are you having?

A. A cup of tea please quite strong, dash of milk no sugar.


Q. What have you got planned for Easter this year and how many eggs do you think you will eat?

A. Spending time with family, going home to Essex and planning an Easter egg hunt for my little boy.